[mod_proxy] SilentOnStatus to complement FailOnStatus

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[mod_proxy] SilentOnStatus to complement FailOnStatus

Nestor Urquiza

I am wondering if the below makes sense as a user story that could be implemented:

As a user of mod-proxy
I want to silently retry a request when certain status code is returned from the backend
So that the client experience goes from receiving an instant error to waiting longer for a response

This will allow restarting backend servers without communicating to the user system errors. The user for sure would prefer to see a delay in a response than a system error which basically invites them to manually retry again within seconds.

This also creates opportunities for more agile and less disruptive backend deployments. It is OK to wait a bit for a response from time to time. It is never right to get an error for a transient action like a server restart.

If you agree I will proceed to create a "feature request" in the tracking system.

- Nestor