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Selected balancerMember route?

Version - Apache: 2.4.29

In summary, I am observing that BALANCER_WORKER_ROUTE, BALANCER_WORKER_CHANGED, etc. environment variables are not set until AFTER the selected balancerMember host has responded.  How can I determine which balancerMember has been selected BEFORE the initial request is sent to the balancerMember host to allow for altering or adding headers to that initial request?

<Proxy "balancer://myappinstances">
BalancerMember "" route=app1
BalancerMember "" route=app2
ProxySet stickysession=SERVERID
<Location "/myapp">
       Header add Set-Cookie "SERVERID=myapp.%{BALANCER_WORKER_ROUTE}e; path=/myapp" env=BALANCER_ROUTE_CHANGED
       ProxyPass balancer://myappinstances stickysession=SERVERID nofailover=on
       ProxyPassReverse balancer://myappinstances


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