SSL Redirect subsite when use CAC Integration

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SSL Redirect subsite when use CAC Integration

Paul Russell
We are using Apache 2.4.1 on Windows to implement CAC authentication to the production web site. Apache functions as the CAC authentication and a proxy for the Web server.

We need to have use CAC authentication but we want to expose https:/ and not have the /services site go through the CAC authentication process. 

Currently the only redirect i have is a simple redirect to enforce all traffic to https://servername/application

RedirectMatch ^/$ /application

I need all traffic to https://servername/application to use CAC for authentication. 

I need to allow https://servername/application/service to use https only but not enforce CAC authentication and I haven't been able to figure out how to do that. Others answers I researched for this stated that the recdirect happens only at HTTP and that obviously wont work.

Any ideas on how keep a sub site behind SSL but not enforce CAC are appreciated.



Paul Russell