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Below I running with Windows 32 and using the example

But with  Windows 64 it is not running:

AH00526: Syntax error on line 122 of C:/Apache24/conf/httpd.conf:
Could not find initialization function "_echo_init@0" for WebSocketHandler modules/

When I change _echo_init@0 it is running.

So with:
Win32 :  find initialization function "_echo_init@0"
Win64 :  find initialization function "echo_init"

LoadModule websocket_module   modules/
<IfModule mod_websocket.c>
  <Location /echo>
    SetHandler websocket-handler
    WebSocketHandler modules/ _echo_init@0

Running the latest 2.4.44-dev
On Monday 27/07/2020 at 14:10, Steffen Land wrote:
Build with vcxproj and tested on Windows VS16.

All looks fine : [websocket:info] [pid 2428:tid 2268] [client ::1:50195] established new WebSocket connection
Only a few warninf:

mod_websocket.c(1186,57): warning C4244: 'function': conversion from 'apr_int64_t' to 'apr_size_t', possible loss of data
mod_websocket.c(1253,37): warning C4244: 'function': conversion from 'apr_int64_t' to 'size_t', possible loss of data
mod_websocket.c(1282,45): warning C4244: '+=': conversion from 'apr_int64_t' to 'apr_size_t', possible loss of data
mod_websocket\mod_websocket.c(1283,46): warning C4244: '+=': conversion from 'apr_int64_t' to 'apr_size_t', possible loss of data

Is it ok that I make available at ?


On Thursday 16/07/2020 at 04:12, Jacob Champion wrote:
I'm happy to announce version 0.1.2 of mod_websocket:

mod_websocket is an Apache 2.x module that allows developers to write C-
and C++-based WebSocket services. The intent is for mod_websocket plugin
writers to develop their services independently of the Apache server API.

This is a "dust off the build" release -- the user-facing changes have
been in master for four years, but never officially released. One major
bug has been fixed, a few minor cleanups have been made, and a new build
system for *nix platforms was contributed to the project. I am also
dropping testing coverage for the obsolete 2.2 server line, though I
won't intentionally break 2.2 features until a future 0.2 release.

= Major New Features/Fixes =

- Extremely fragmented messages no longer cause poor performance and
    possible DoS conditions. Thanks to Paul Spangler for his fix
- The CMake build system now supports *nix platforms as well as Windows.
    Thanks to @toniotelli for the contribution!
- The 'MaxMessageSize' directive has been renamed to
    'WebSocketMaxMessageSize'; its previous spelling is deprecated and
    will be removed in the future.

A full changelist can be seen at the release description on GitHub.

= Major Known Issues =

This is a pre-release, zero-dot module. There are known issues that may
preclude its use in production systems. Please understand them and take
steps to avoid them if you decide to deploy mod_websocket.

- Apache worker threads are completely monopolized by WebSocket
    connections. This makes it possible for a large number of connections
    to DoS the server.

A more complete (but not necessarily exhaustive) list is available at
the repo page on GitHub:

= What's Next =

There's a lot of stuff to do. During my absence from the project,
WebSocket has received a transport based on HTTP/2, several optional
WebSocket features have seen more mainstream use, and Python 2 was
EoL'd. And the existing issues list didn't become any shorter,

Questions? Comments? Let me know. Thanks for your interest!

--Jacob Champion

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