Notification of analysis on publicly available project data

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Notification of analysis on publicly available project data

Griselda Cuevas

Dear PMC, 

I’m contacting you because your project has been selected by the ASF D&I committee which is leading a research project to evaluate and understand the current state of diversity in our community [1]. As part of this research, we will analyze publicly available data about your project such as Git logs, Jira boards and mailing lists, to better understand the state of diversity in Apache projects and to complement the findings we obtained from the Community Survey that was run this year [2].

This analysis will be performed by Bitegia [3], a vendor specializing in researching open source projects and foundations. The results will be published in a report similar to the OpenStack Foundation Analysis published in 2018 [4].

The analysis will be done only on aggregated data at the project level during and after processing, ensuring we do not report anything that could identify a single individual. The data we analyze will be deleted right after the research is done and won’t be retained by either the researcher or the ASF. 

If you have any concerns or questions, please raise them to the diversity committee ([hidden email]) and/or to the data privacy committee ([hidden email]). 


Griselda Cuevas

V.P. of Diversity and Inclusion

Apache Software Foundation