Missing make install files?

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Missing make install files?

William A Rowe Jr
This slightly overlaps what Jacob has been working on with his
schema for our autobuilds, wrapping up my own work and then
turning to his efforts to see where we have some good synergies
to exchange.

One thing that has stood out, but I never claimed I had much
skill in the unix build schema (now other committers put me to
shame on win32, and I clean up most everyone else's autocrud
messes, odd... eh?) So I left it alone, but this seems silly now...

On Unix, what about LICENSE and NOTICE (perhaps README
and CHANGES in the process?) Is there a reason, after insisting
loudly that the first two must be replicated, that we don't deposit
them somewhere in the build $(TARGET)?

Opening this up for discussion, 1) should we? and 2) where to?