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DRuggeri has a new PGP key

Daniel Ruggeri-2
Hi, all;
   As signers or users of my GPG pubkey, I wanted to inform you that I
have generated a new PGP key (DC55C003). I will no longer use my
previous PGP key (1AD84DFF) after this message and am deleting the
private component. Please find the details of the new key below.

pub   4096R/DC55C003 2019-05-11
      Key fingerprint = E348 0043 5956 21FE 5610  5F11 2AB1 2A7A DC55 C003
uid                  Daniel Ruggeri (http://home.apache.org/~druggeri/)
<[hidden email]>
uid                  Daniel Ruggeri <[hidden email]>
uid                  [jpeg image of size 13027]
sub   4096R/14FF4720 2019-05-11

It would be appreciated if you could sign the new key *if you trust the
following measures to establish identity*:
 - This message is signed with the previous PGP private key
 - The new key is signed by the previous key and is published to
 - I committed the new pubkey to
https://dist.apache.org/repos/dist/release/httpd/KEYS in r33993
 - The new key has been added to my ASF LDAP listing (and will be
visible in the next 24 hours) at
 - This message was sent through The ASF's mail relay system

Daniel Ruggeri
Director, VP Fundraising, member, httpd PMC
The Apache Software Foundation

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