CacheEnable better used in virtual host context?

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CacheEnable better used in virtual host context?

Dario Niedermann
Hi! I found the following tidbit in a Debian¹ config file² for Apache's
"mod_cache" module:

# This will also cache local documents. It usually makes more sense to
# put this into the configuration for just one virtual host.
CacheEnable disk /

Maybe I overlooked something, but nothing I've read in the documentation
seems to support the idea that a "CacheEnable" directive is better used
in a single virtual host context, rather than in the server's global
config. I actually don't see why that would be the case.

So does the quoted comment sound strange to anybody else, or is there
some factual basis to it that I'm completely missing?



¹ via Devuan, actually; searching the WWW for the comment text also
  turns up Ubuntu

² /etc/apache2/mods-available/cache_disk.conf

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