[Bug 64741] New: Major bug on APACHE+PHP not releasing memory in certain conditions on Win10

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[Bug 64741] New: Major bug on APACHE+PHP not releasing memory in certain conditions on Win10

Bugzilla from bugzilla@apache.org

            Bug ID: 64741
           Summary: Major bug on APACHE+PHP not releasing memory in
                    certain conditions on Win10
           Product: Apache httpd-2
           Version: 2.5-HEAD
          Hardware: PC
            Status: NEW
          Severity: critical
          Priority: P2
         Component: All
          Assignee: [hidden email]
          Reporter: [hidden email]
  Target Milestone: ---

I am running latest APACHE (2.5.x) + PHP (7.x) on my Win10 computer which has
8GB of RAM. All configurations are default.

When I start my Apache and check Windows Task Manager it shows the two Apache
processes are using about 5 to 6 MB of RAM. Great.

Now I saved the code below on a test.php file and execute it using my browser
like this http://localhost/test.php 

The contents of that file is pretty simple, just this:



$temp = str_repeat("ffkl2kfj\nflkdsjf \rflksdjfldskjLJFDSL

echo "ended";


After executing the code above and waiting till it shows ended, one of my
Apache processes shows 400MB of RAM being consumed (the other Apache process is
with 5-6MB of RAM). If I execute that code again, Apache will consume 700MB.
Then again, it will show 850MB and so on. That's the bug itself. I know how
memory leak works, how memory management works, variable lifecycle, stacks...
So I came up with the minimum code to show you this bug.

NOW what is impressive, if that if after you call a few times the file test.php
on your browser, if you create another file named test2.php with the contents
being only <?php echo "x"; ?>, and if you execute that same file using your
browser, you will see Apache memory usage drops to exactly HALF! Now execute it
again, Apache`s consumed RAM will drop again exactly by 50%... and so on. Keep
doing this until it reaches 5-6MB and it will stop dropping.

What is going on? This is a big problem to me and the only "escape" is creating
scheduled task to restart Apache every 12 hours. I need to fix this cause in
this computer I run a small webservice to a few friends and every once in a
while Apache reaches almost 100% of memory usage and I need to restart it
manually, even this webservice receiving no more than 10 or 20 requests a day.
For some reason, Apache is not completely cleaning its memory after each

I know I should be using a linux distro (like Centos 8.x that I run on a VPS)
if I want to run a realiable LAMP stack, but this bug is still pretty weird.

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