[Bug 53219] mod_ssl should allow to disable ssl compression

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[Bug 53219] mod_ssl should allow to disable ssl compression

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--- Comment #27 from KMI <[hidden email]> ---
(In reply to Christoph Anton Mitterer from comment #18)
> Thanks.
> btw: Does anyone know whether SSL/TLS is going to be fixed? I mean in a way
> that CRIME is not working while still being able to use TLS compression?


I'm using ddlutils 1.0 and tomcat jdbc pool and I getting an error
due to a connection is closed and the pool is not aware of that.
Basically the issue is that ddlutils has a resultset iterator and when it
finishes it closes the connection by getting it from the *
resultSet.preparedStatement.connection* and the connection returned is not
the proxy that the pool has created.

So the issue happens when another client retrieves a connection from the
pool because the pool returns a connection that was actually closed.
Why tomcat jdbc pool is not creating proxies for preparedStatements and
resultSets like commons-dbcp?

Is there any other way to address this issue?


Antonio - https://kmidata.es/

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