[Bug 31418] SSLUserName is not usable by other modules

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[Bug 31418] SSLUserName is not usable by other modules

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--- Comment #16 from Jim B. <[hidden email]> ---
2004, wow.

I am currently trying to provide part of a client certificate DN to
mod_auth_radius. I seem to be hitting this bug. (Whatever I do, only the entire
DN is transmitted)

Looks like I will have to fiddle inside the Radius server and parse the DN
string in order to extract what I need.

But is there an issue with documentation maybe?
https://httpd.apache.org/docs/trunk/mod/mod_ssl.html#sslusername writes:

"When the FakeBasicAuth option is enabled, this directive instead controls the
value of the username embedded within the basic authentication header (see

That seems to be exactly what I want to do. But it's not working.

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