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Apache Http2 Problem

Hennessy, Richard



We have Apache 2.4.38 and two Wildfly 10.1 servers.
Apache is configured as a reverse proxy for each Wildfly server as follows.

in ssl.conf
ProxyPassReverse /loga/
ProxyPassReverse /loga3/

Apache and the Wildfly servers are enabled for http2.

At a customer site we observed that when Apache was under load it was routing requests to the incorrect Wildfly,
e.g. a request for the loga server went to the loga3 server or vice versa.
We were not able to reproduce this in the lab. For the customer the workaround was to disable http2 for both Wildflys.

Is this a known problem with Apache?
We are currently testing Apache 2.4.46, but as I said we were unable to reproduce the customer problem so we are reluctant to reactivate http2.

I would be grateful for any suggestions as to how to locate/solve this problem.


Regards and Thanks

Richard Hennessy